Introducing TAKATORI house

Photo: TAKATORI, Kazutami

The subject of this page is TAKATORI house which was build by TAKATORI, Iko in 1900's at Karatu City, Saga JAPAN.
In May 1997, it was designated as an important cultural asset by Sage Prefecture Office, and, in Oct 1998, it designated as a national important cultural asset.
The people of HONKE (the original family of TAKATORIs) lived in the house, but in December 1998 the house is donated to Karatsu City.
It's up to 100 years since the house was build, and when I took the pictures the house is decrepit.

( My family is called SHINKE, which means the new family, and the SHINKE's house is a possesion of Kushu Electric Power Company at present. )

TAKATORI house is on the seaside in west of Katatsu castle, and on 7,600 square meters. It's a two-storied house and the total area is 990 square meters.
Though there is a stage for NO ( Japanese traditional dance ), and pictures on wooden slide doors, the house is not purely traditional Japanese.
There is a room in European style, and some designs have European taste.

Any comments are appreciated. Your comment will be sent to HONKE ( the owner of the house ), and opend to other people.

Photos were taken in 1995.
To view large size photo (640 x 480), click on the small one.

Outside of the house. Roofs are damaged by typhoon, so coverd with vinyl sheets.


A courtyard

European room

Paintings on the wooden doors

Paintings on the shelf doors

NO stage

A transom of NO stage

A study

Tea celemony room

Lamp shades

A catch of a door



A passage and windows of Buddist altar room

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